COVID Compliant Date Nights

It seems like ages ago that we could go to dinner and the movies for date night but just because the world looks a little different doesn't mean you shouldn't try to spend some alone time with your partner. This year we definitely started thinking outside of the box for special date nights, my favorite outing we've done so far is we rented an old Porsche and drove down the coast. I actually rented the car as a father's day gift for Scott. He loved it because it was a special and save way to spend a little alone time together. You don't have to spend any money to have a safe date night though. A few things you could do together or even with your kids are: 

  • Pack a picnic and go to your favorite park
  • Plan a game night 
  • Pick a new recipe and give it a go together
  • Go on your favorite drive 
  • Go on a hike 

If you have any more fun ideas, please leave a comment on our Instagram or Facebook post! 

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