HELP! How To Get Back Into A Routine For School

I am a huge fan of routines, and so are my kids. I would be lying if I said we kept a great routine in the summer. We would eat late and go to bed even later. We were enjoying the late summer nights and started adopting a more relaxed routine. We swapped the strict bedtime routines for evening movie nights. Instead of getting dressed first thing when we woke up we would lounge around in PJs. 

Now that summer is ending and school is starting back up, my husband and I realized we needed to get everyone back on track and a schedule again. If my kid's aren't on a strict routine they tend to get tired. Tired kids = grumpy kids. Grumpy kids = exhausted parents. 

First things first, outline what you want your routine to look like. Every school starts at a different time so one family's schedule is not going to mirror another.

For us school starts at 9am. My kids, especially Aiden, sleep in until 7am. We wake up, makes beds, and come downstairs for breakfast. While making breakfast, we also make sure lunches and backpacks are packed. Once we finish eating, we get dressed and do anything else we need to do to make it a successful day. We are out of the door by 8:50am for school drop off. 

After school, we let the kids relax for around 30 minutes. Whether that is nap time or letting them watch a short show. Then it's play time until dinner, which is usually on the table at 6pm. 

After dinner, we take baths, read stories and are in bed by 7:30pm. 

Does this happen every night? No....but we try our best. 

Every one's routine will look different. This is the routine that works best for my family and I have learned the more you try to stick to your schedule it will help decrease stress on everyone. 

If you have any tips or tricks that might help others get back to their school routine I would love to hear them. 



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