I’m a New Parent...Now What?

I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with Aiden, I was overwhelmed with joy, nerves, and anxiety. I was so excited to meet my little one but also was nervous to be a first time parent. Unfortunately, parenthood doesn’t come with a guide book so I was researching all of the best, newest, and safest baby products that I would need for the first few weeks/months. After having Aiden, I realized I might have gone overboard over preparing. So for those new parents out there, here’s a list of what I actually used daily those first few weeks.


Baby Lounger

Car Seat 

This and the stroller are the one thing I splurged on. Safety was and still is very important to me so I did my research and saved my pennies to get the best of the best.


Baby Carrier

Once I was feeling up to it I started feeling up to I started a daily walk with both of my babes. A carrier is key! I also used it to hold Ollie while I cook because he would scream every time I tried to put him down.

And….I can’t stress this enough, but stock up copious amounts of coffee and wine.

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