Winter weather getting you down? You can still get outside! Here's some helpful hints

Can you believe it is already winter? This year not only seems like a blur but months dragged on at a glacier pace. The months of Spring seemed to have 45 days each but the moved along as all the restrictions were new just like the season. The Dog Days of summer took their sweet old time to move around the corner and each of these months seemed to have even more days in the calendar.


We passed the time with hikes, long walks, bike rides and all things outside. That is what everyone does during the summer right? A little time on the lake and some more time in Mother Nature. Getting the babies ready involved cool clothes, slathering them in sunscreen and making sure to have plenty of water and snacks on hand. Everything fit in the diaper bag and we even managed to add an extra change of clothes just in case.  


Those days are long past as winter has shown her pearly whites more than once here. The beautiful blankets of snow are evident. They have arrived with a deep freeze and many questions about whether or not we can still hope to get out of our houses on the regular. Trust me…..YOU CAN! There will be more clothes and layers upon layers, yes that really is the key to getting some much needed vitamin D.




You don’t even need to skip a beat as long as you remember these tried and true measures to get you and your kiddos through the next few months.  


1st Layer:

Also known as your base layer.  This is, in my opinion, the most important layer of all. Though it pains me to say this, cotton is not the right choice here. You should be thinking of choices that fit snuggly and are synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the sensitive and soft skin of your babe.  Suggestions here include Wool Socks (check these out), a base layer (best bet is polypro or wool.  Comfort on your child’s skin is the most important here.), a balaclava like this is your best bet for the noggin here (it covers all the essentials and holds in all that warmth that might be lost out of those beautiful lightly haired heads).


The next layer, Second layer:


This layer is where you should be thinking about movement and warmth as a combo.  Days with a real chill in the air but not downright cold can have a world second layer or something that is puffy and captures a good amount of warmed air near their first layer. My favorite choice is this vest.  Great choices here are sweaters, hoodies or even a puffer vest like this one.  Long john pants like hot chilis or 32 Degree were always the winner for our kids. These brands allowed for optimal movement and best warmth according to our babies.  


Outer layer:


Watch words here are always the same regardless of how severe the weather is.  Windproof, water proof, and loose fitting so they can enjoy the snow and outdoors without the dreaded “Christmas Story” scarecrow look.  Sure… they will be a little more rolly polly that you are used to but the ability to play in the snow always makes it worthwhile.  


Warm boots, bib overalls, a coat with a hood, and mittens should be the rule.  Even to this day I can stay outside for hours if my feet are warm.  This is the same for most everybody and especially for your children.  Socks need to wick sweat from their cute little toes and boots should be comfortable with the real insulation being on the bottom. The more distance from the ground the longer the warm lasts. We loved bib overalls with down or some kind of polypill. The filler was secondary to the waterproof and wind resistance. These two things are vital and in reality should carry the same importance in their coat. Keep them dry and shielded from the wind and they will stay warm for a long time. The hood is a must to help trap all that heat and to keep them dry.  Mittens are a must and they should provide enough room for them to wiggle their little fingers and trap some of that warm air in there. 


If you want to add some extra warmth to your kiddo add a pair of goggles to the ensemble. It will help shield their eyes from snow glare and the wind at the same time. They will look so cute and cuddly. I was always amazed at how much fun we had in the snow and how much each and every snow person was brought to life in their eyes even if I couldn’t see them through their goggles.  




You should follow the same guidance for your youngest babies here as well.  Just know that the amount they move is less so you can add a little density. Your stroller should always have a blanket as an additional layer in a stroller. We love this choice.  Its snuggly cotton and adds just enough warmth in an extra layer not to overheat your infant.  


I hope this was useful and I hope that you will continue to visit mother nature and your neighborhood in the winter. Get out there and keep exploring your world.  

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